Site Hosting

- 10GB/month Transfer
   + Use as much bandwidth as you need
        we drop the highest day from the usage calculation
   + Over-usage costs $1.99 for each GB over the monthly allowance
        that works out to less than 1 cent per megabyte transferred

- 250MB Disk Space
   + Plenty of space for your site and supporting documents
   + Over-usage costs 10 cents for each MB increase in the daily average

- 25 Mailboxes
   + Add even more for only $1/month per mailbox

- Serious Junk E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning
   + Junk E-Mail Filtering
        uses top-notch open-source software and advanced filtering methods
        adjust filtering levels (from Light to Very Aggressive)
        create lists to allow or deny specific addresses
   + Virus Scanning
        uses the acclaimed open-source software, Clam AntiVirus
        prevents e-mail containing viruses from reaching your e-mail box

- Web-Based E-mail
   + Secure access to your e-mail boxes from anywhere

- Server and Network Monitoring
   + Every server is monitored for uptime and service quality
        if a server fails or goes off line, it's repaired or replaced quickly
   + Our network is monitored and maintained every minute of every day
        our multi-redundant network helps prevent outages or slow-downs

- Domain Name Registration
We offer domain name registration with the ability to transfer domains, renew domains and park domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us. Our domain registration is only $35/year).